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News From the FORCE - October 2022


Welcome To Our School Blog!
Message From Our FORCE Staff
October - 2022

Happy October FORCE Families!

Fall is officially here and as we are enjoying the changing season on The Farm! October is an awesome month at Fiddyment. As we are halfway through Trimester 1 now, the learning has really gotten in the groove, wth students being challenged and supported with reading, math, and all the subjects here, and to top it off, they also get to learn while having fun too! We have some great events coming up in October from our annual Book Fair, a Canned Food Drive and our big Fall community event, our Harvest Festival will be returning! Check out the info below on all of these events, and we hope all of our amazing FORCE families will be able to participate in the fun!

Our hope is to keep this blog updated so that you can be informed of upcoming events, news, happenings, and important information regarding Fiddyment Farm Elementary and the great experiences your child will be having here at our school this year.  Fiddyment truly is a special place, where our staff thrives on building relationships with students and parents, in hopes to build a partnership that make everyone's time here safe and enjoyable, especially for our young learners. 

In this blog you will find school updates, important safety reminders, PTC information, acknowledged students and staff, lunch menu, after school enrichment info and community event flyers.

Have a wonderful official start to Autumn and a great month of October and remember to always -  "BE A FORCE FOR GOOD"

Ryan Poulsen - Principal

Fiddyment Farm Staff

Our school mission is to maximize learning for each member of our FORCE!

We are the F.O.R.C.E.

F - Focused  O - Organized  R - Respectful  C - Compassionate  E - Encouraging

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If you would like to help out to make this a fun and memorable event for our community it would be greatly appreciated! Lot of volunteer opportunities available!


Fiddyment Farm Elementary 2022 Harvest Festival Volunteer Opportunities Help make this evening one full Fun for all ages, lots of laughter, Trunk or Treating, Carnival Games, Food Truck Mania, and Music. We have three…yes THREE sign up genius forms for you to take a look at. Sign up for pre planning, Day of Volunteering including Trunk decorating and one for donating candy, small game prizes or money/ gift card donation and we will do the shopping for you.
Please help as must or as little as you can every bit helps more than you know!!!!!!!! The Fiddyment Farm Staff and PTC are very excited to bring this event to our community. See you there!!!!! Click on the links below to access the sign ups
CLICK HERE - Pre-Planning Committee **Join the Pre Planning Committee at The Pink Martini in Roseville this Thursday October 6th, 5:30pm for happy hour and happy planning.
Please email if you are planning on coming to Happy Hour

Parent Teacher Club (PTC)

Each Friday is spirit day - students and staff are encouraged to wear their school spirit shirts, or sport the school colors - 
Black and gold!  The class with the most students to sport their spirit for the day, wins the coveted Spirit Lightsaber as a reward, to keep in their classroom for a week!  

We like to recognize our fabulous students here at Fiddyment Farm who continuously follow both our behavior expectations of being Safe, Responsible, and Kind, but also consistently exhibit the FORCE traits that we believe make students a FORCE for good, which are
Focused, Organized, Respectful, Compassionate, and Encouraging!

For the months of August and September, we will be recognizing some amazing students who are showing thier teachers that they can be FOCUSED on thier school work and on following school-wide expectations! 


Students Recognized in September
K-2nd Graders


Mrs. Manley Emma P. & Will P.

Emma is an exceptional student who is always focused and always does her best!!! Keep it up Emma!!!!

Way to go Will on being super focused in class, always making smart choices, and being a great friend to others!!!

Mrs. Moore Eli Z. & Arantxa A.

Eli is always focused on what we are learning in class. He participates and follows all of our classroom rules. His smile when he learns new things brightens my day! I’m so proud of you Eli!

Arantxa is always focused. She takes pride in her work and always uses neat handwriting and coloring. Arantxa follows all of the classroom rules and she is a wonderful role model for her friends. I am lucky to be Arantxa's teacher this school year!

Ms. Purcell Mila R. & Shivrani A.

Ms. P's kindergarten class would like to congratulate Mila R. for being FOCUSED! Mila knows when it's time to focus and get her work done, and then when it's time to have fun at recess and Fun Friday! She is a great listener, and a great example to other of how to be focused in kindergarten. Congratulations Mila!

Ms. Purcell's kindergarten class would like to congratulate Shivrani A. for being FOCUSED! Shivrani can always be counted on to be a good listener and get her work done without a lot of talking...she knows to save that for recess! Ms. P can always count on her to be a great example to others. Great job Shivrani!

Mrs. Van Voltinburg Natalia C. & Grady L.

In room 10 we are honoring Natalia for being a focused member of the FORCE! Way to go Natalia!

In room 10 we are honoring Grady for being a focused member of the FORCE! Way to go Grady!!


Mrs. Brusaschetti Andrew C. & Avleen B.

Andrew tries so hard and is always focused on me, especially when I am giving directions to the class. He is a role model!

Avleen is a role model for being focused. She works independently and listens attentively. Way to go!

Ms. Evers Serenity J.

Serenity is always focused in and out of the classroom. She is a leader to her friends. Serenity is always kind and helpful to all around her.

Mrs. Grilione Paramveer B. & Aspyn S.

Paramveer is focused on listening to instruction every time!

Aspyn is responsible and starts her work on time every time.

Mrs. Julian/Mrs. Schacht Caleb F. & Lola D.

Caleb is super focused in first grade! He is a superstar learner, listener and focuser. Caleb works hard and sets a great example for how to make great choices and do your best at school. Way to go, Caleb, we appreciate you!

Lola is being recognized in Room 9 for being focused! Lola is always trying her best-with both her school work and with being a helper in class. She is always working hard to complete her work and always has a smile on her face. We appreciate you, Lola, keep it up!

Mrs. Marcoux  Olivia W. & Shepherd B. 

Olivia is always focused in Room 5! She is respectful to her classmates and pays attention whenever the teacher is talking. Olivia always does her best work. Great job Olivia!

Shepherd is always focused in Room 5. He takes his time and does his best work. On the carpet he is focused on the teacher and loves to participate. Great job Shepherd!


Mrs. Cutter - Nathan Z. & Sehaj S.

Nathan is a focused student in Room 14! He listens during lessons and regularly contributes to our class discussions. Great job, Nathan!

Sehaj completes his work in class and pays attention to the speaker. Thank you for being a FOCUSED student in Room 14! Congratulations, Sehaj!

Ms. Richard Quinn N. & David L.

Quinn is being recognized for being a FOCUSED student in 2nd grade! She has amazed us with her listening skills and focus during lessons and independent work time. You rock Quinn!

David L. is being recognized for being FOCUSED in our classroom. He does an amazing job at blocking out distractions, and staying on task during independent work time. Way to go David!

Mrs. Schmidt  Carter B. & Luke B.

Carter is FOCUSED in Room 17! Carter is always working to do what is right. He listens and participates in lessons and he gets his work done. He is a leader in our classroom. Keep it up, Carter!

Luke B is FOCUSED in Room 17! Luke has been working hard to always be on task. He is often raising his hand to contribute. He not only gets his work done, but he does his best every time. Keep it up, Luke!

Mrs. Schwartz Isha H. & Gabe P.

Isha is a very focused 2nd grader. She always listens to directions carefully and does her very best work. Isha is a role model of a focused student!

Gabe is an extremely focused 2nd grader in our class. He always listens carefully to directions and gets right to work on his assignments. This helps Gabe be a very focused learner. Congratulations Gabe!

Students Recognized in September
3rd-5th Graders

3rd Grade

Mrs. Andrada Vinny S. & Bella Y.

Vinny, you are doing an outstanding job with your focus. You are always on-task and following through with your work. Keep up the great work.

Bella, you are doing such an outstanding job being focused and on task at all times. Keep up the great work! I am very proud of you.

Mrs. Benato Presley P.

This week in Room 16, we are recognizing Presley for being focused. Presley always does her best work on all assignments while working quietly and independently. Keep up the great work, Presley!

Ms. Harless Ronan P., Hazel P. & Daniel N.

Ronan has been making an effort to be focused in class and it shows! Great job Ronan!

Hazel is a wonderful example of being focused. She is always on task, attentive and ready to learn. Great job Hazel!

Daniel is amazing. He is always focused, on task and following the directions. Great job Daniel!

Mrs. Jackson Ethan M. & Owen F.

A huge shoutout goes to Ethan in Room 20! Thank you for always being a model student. You are a great example of what a FOCUSED student is! I can count on you to stay on task, finished in a timely manner, and always tries your best every time. Keep up the excellent work!

Owen, I can always count on you to stay focused and on task in the classroom! Your participation in our class discussions are awesome. Keep up the excellent work you are doing!

Ms. Lempner Itay B.

Itay, thanks for always being so focused in Room 26! I can always count on you to complete your work and be a role model to the rest of the class! Way to go!


Mr. Denney Laila C. & Karley Q.

Laila is the definition of FOCUSED. She always pays attention, tries her best in everything she does, and is an overall wonderful student who makes our classroom amazing. Great work Laila.

Karley has been amazing this year! She has been so focused and has been such a delight to have in class. I really appreciate how hard she has been working this year. Keep up the great work lady!

Ms. Pulis Ranvir B. & Rylee C.

Ranvir is a a very FOCUSED 4th grader! He does his best every day! He works hard, completes all of his assignments, and participates in our lessons. Ranvir is also an amazing friend! He is helpful, kind, and understanding. Ranvir is FOCUSED in everything he does!!

Rylee is a a very FOCUSED 4th grader! She does her best every day! She works hard, completes all of her assignments, and participates in our lessons. Rylee is also an amazing friend! She is helpful, kind, and understanding. Rylee is truly FOCUSED in EVERYTHING she does!!

Mrs. Quezada Olivia C. & Varshitha K.

Olivia works really hard on all tasks and stays focused.

Varshitha is always focused and working hard!

Mrs. Wright Cooper G.

Cooper works hard and stays focused on his work.


Mrs. Cianci Emerson P.

This week in room 22 we would like to recognize 5th grader Emerson P. for being our FOCUSED student of the week. Emerson is a student who always gives her best in everything she does. She consistently follows directions and always pays attention in class. Emerson is also sets a great example for her peers. Way to go Emerson, keep up the great work!

Mrs. Hall Violet J. 

Violet is always focused either on her peers during class discussions or on her work.

Mrs. Morgan Ariana B. & Sophia N.

Ariana is constantly a focused member of class. She completes her work using 100% of her effort, and even pushes herself to go above and beyond. She is great example for others to follow. Keep up the great work, Ariana!

Sophia is a FANTASTIC example of a focused student. She consistently does her best work, and is very skilled at ignoring distractions and using self-control. She gives 100% effort on every task. We are so lucky to have her in our class! Keep up the great work, Sophia!

Mr. Swisley Delila T. 

Delila is always focused on her work and stays on task and engaged with in class!

This school year, we are re-focusing our PBIS (Positive Behavior Expectations and Supports) structure to be more simplified for our students.  We are going to continue with our character themes of F.O.R.C.E. - Focused, Organized, Respectful, Compassionate, Encouraging, and put more emphasis on good character traits and habits.  

On the behavior side, to simplify the "behavior" expectations, we continue with
Be Safe - Be Responsible - Be Kind  
These are very simple for our students to understand, and are easy to reinforce and celebrate when students follow expectations and make good choices!  These 3 main behavior expectations, will also carry over to Cooley Middle School, as they use the same 3.

When students do make good choices and follow behavior expectations, and show great character qualities of the F.O.R.C.E., they will be acknowledged at different times of the year, in different ways, from awards, to FORCE Tickets, to prizes - we want to acknowledge our FORCE students for showing up every day and being a true "FORCE" in our school!

If your child comes home with a FORCE ticket stub - they made a really good choice at school and should be encouraged to continue their positive choices and behaviors in the future!

The menu is scheduled to change, based on what food is delivered. 
Reminder - Breakfast at Fiddyment Farm is free and served in the MPR at 7:25am.

Thank you for reading our blog and supporting Fiddyment Farm Elementary School!
The Governing Board is committed to providing equal opportunity for all individuals in education.  District programs, activities, and practices shall be free from unlawful discrimination, including discrimination against an individual or group based on race, color, ancestry, nationality, national origin, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital, pregnancy, or parental status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, or genetic information; a perception of one or more of such characteristics; or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.