Friday, September 6, 2019

News From the FORCE - September 6, 2019

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Message From Our FORCE Staff
September 6, 2019

Happy Friday FORCE Families!

We hope you all had an wonderful short week on The Farm!  It went by in a blink and now we are all primed for a much needed, restful weekend!  Next week is also a 4 day week - there is NO SCHOOL on Friday, the 13th - it is a Teacher-In Service Day!

Check out the blog below for some important news and updates, including an important message to our families from Derk Garcia, our Superintendent, regarding the new elementary school in our West Park Community, Riego Creek Elementary!  And again, a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our families for your continued support with the Dance-A-Thon - check below for an update! - We appreciate it! 

Our hope is to keep this blog updated weekly so that you can be informed of upcoming events, news, happenings, and important information regarding Fiddyment Farm Elementary and the great experiences your child will be having here at our school this year.

In this blog you will find school updates, important safety reminders, PTC information, acknowledged students and staff, after school enrichment info, community event flyers, and our school lunch menu! 

We love feedback from parents on suggestions on how to keep our school amazing!  Have any concerns or any new ideas? - Please share them with us and answer our short survey!

As always, we want to thank our community of parents and guardians for supporting Fiddyment Farm School, our students, and our staff!

Have a wonderful weekend and a fabulous week coming up!

Ryan Poulsen - Principal
Fiddyment Farm Staff

    Our school mission is to maximize learning for each member of our FORCE!

    We are the F.O.R.C.E.
    F - Focused  O - Organized  R - Respectful  C - Compassionate  E - Encouraging

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    Sunday - September 8 - Happy Birthday Mrs. Balkema!
    Monday - September 9 - Early Release Schedule
    Monday - September 9 - Happy Birthday Ms. Purcell!
    Monday - September 9  - After School Enrichment - "Young Rembrandts"
    Tuesday - September 10  - After School Enrichment - "Early Engineers"
    Thursday - September 11 - Happy Birthday Ms. Foree
    Thursday - September 11  - After School Enrichment - "Mad Science"
    Friday - September 13 - NO SCHOOL - TEACHER IN-SERVICE DAY

    Riego Creek Elementary School is scheduled to open next fall, 2020.  We will hold two Informational Meetings for parents on September 16, 2019, 6:00 p.m. at Orchard Ranch Elementary School, 4375 Brookstone Drive, and on September 23, 2019, 6:00 p.m. at Fiddyment Farm Elementary School, 4001 Brick Mason Circle.

    THANK YOU! - Our families are doing an amazing job!  We have ALREADY HIT OUR GOAL of $20,000 - this is awesome!  Of course, we don't want to stop now - Last year, we surpassed our goal as well, and raised over $35,000 for our school programs, and we would love to try and hit that mark again!  We have 2 weeks left and would truly appreciate all the help you can give by asking friends and loved ones to support your child and Fiddyment Farm with this wonderful event - the students are going to have an amazing time and raise money for a great cause! - THANK YOU ALL!

    If you would still like to pledge and continue to support our school - CLICK the link below!!


    DATE - Friday - September 20th!

    Check out more details below!!

    We are collecting Box Tops for Educational funds again this year!  Our box top contest is just around the corner - and this year- it is even easier to collect Box Tops - you can scan them digitally with the app - Check out the flyer below - Thank you for your support!

    Get a jump start on this year's Yearbook and order early!  This way, you won't have to stress about it and rush to get it bought in the Spring!

    And - ordering is ALL ONLINE - super easy - check out below!

    Thank you so much to our families that took our call for Safety First to heart and helped ease the concerns and traffic flow at drop off and pick up by following all the proper procedures and showing courtesy to each other - awesome!

    GREAT NEWS for families that must cross Hayden Pkwy. to and from Fiddyment!  They just installed a 4-way stop sign!!!  Thank you to all the families who pushed the city for this, I know this will make traveling to and from school for those families so much safer!!!!

    Also - the city is planning on installing a CROSSWALK on the West Side of Fiddyment near the bus loop to make for safer crossing, and we would really love to have a parent or community volunteer to work as a Crossing Guard for us when it is installed!  If you are interested, please see the flyer below and reach out! - Thank you!

    Parent Teacher Club (PTC)
    We truly value the partnership between the school and our families, and no one fosters that better than our Fiddyment Farm Parent Teacher Club!  The parents/guardians that help volunteer with school events and activities are very special and very much appreciated!

    Check out the August Edition of the PTC Newsletter with some info on upcoming events and information to start off the year!

    We would LOVE your help!  If you are interested in volunteering here at Fiddyment Farm, please click on the link to our district website - Volunteer Policy Page.  There  you will find information about the policy, the difference between Category I and Category II Volunteer, and all the needed paperwork in PDF form to get started! - Thank you for your time!

    Each Friday is spirit day - students and staff are encouraged to wear their school spirit shirts, or sport the school colors - black and gold!  The class with the most students to sport their spirit for the day, wins the coveted "Spirit Stick" as a reward, to keep in their classroom for a week!  This week, with 89% of her class sporting Spirit Wear and/or school colors - Mrs. Bews' 4/5 combo class keeps the Spirit Stick! - AGAIN! -  Way to show that spirit!
    Every School SING, we acknowledge some amazing FORCE students here at Fiddyment who consistently demonstrate our character traits, of being FOCUSED, ORGANIZED, RESPECTFUL, COMPASSIONATE, AND ENCOURAGING!

    Yesterday at School SING we acknowledged more awesome students for showing they they can stay FOCUSED on their work in the classrooms!

    Check them out below!!


    Mrs. Bogert/Evans
    • Isabelle M. - Isabelle is super focused! She is a kind friend who is aways ready to learn. Keep up the great work Isabelle!
    Mrs. Dyas
    • Japleen & Jaxton. - In room 4, Japleen is always listening and following directions. She is a great song leader too! Jaxton has been focused on making smart choices every day and be a good friend. Thanks for being focused kids. 
    Mrs. Manley
    • Jillian R & Kuiper F. - In Room #11 our FOCUSED leaders are Jillian and Kuiper! Keep up the great job!!!
    Mrs. Moore
    • Toree W. & Jensen E. - Toree always tries his best. He pays attention to what is going on in class and is never distracted when others around him are off task. He is a good role model and like to keep everyone around him happy. I'm so happy Toree is part of our classroom! Jensen is always focused and paying attention. He does his best and neatest work. He takes pride in a job well done. Jensen knows the right thing to do and is able to stay focused when others may try to distract him. I'm so proud of Jensen for being focused in kindergarten! 
    Mrs. Van Voltinburg
    • Sophia & Parker - In room 10 we are honoring Sophia & Parker for being focused members of the FORCE! Way to go!!!


    Mrs. Ely
    • Ricky G. - In Room 1 we are celebrating Ricky! He has been so focused! Ricky's attention to detail and hard work have not gone unnoticed. We are so proud of him! 
    Miss Johnson
    • Evan H. -Room 8 is so proud of Evan for being so focused in class! He does his best listening during lessons and he always knows what to do. Way to go, Evan!!
    Mrs. Julian/Schacht
    • Rylee C. - Rylee is being recognized in Room 9 for being Focused! Rylee always works her hardest, tries her best and is always doing the right thing. We appreciate you, Rylee, way to go! 
    Mrs. Marcoux
    • Delilah B. - Delilah B. is very focused in Room 5. She listens carefully and follows directions. She helps her table members stay on task as well. Great job Delilah!
    Ms. Purcell
    • Hannah B. - Ms. Purcell's 1st grade is excited to congratulate Hannah for being FOCUSED! Hannah is a quiet, focused student who works hard but always has a huge smile on her face while doing it, Congratulations Hannah!


    Mrs. Benato
    • Anna H. - In Room 16, we would like to recognize Anna for being FOCUSED! She sets a great example of being focused when completing work and listening carefully during our lessons. She is a wonderful role model for her peers. We are so lucky to have her in class with us this year!  
    Mrs. Cutter
    • Kieran F. - Kieran is being recognized in Room 14 for being FOCUSED. He is always doing his best and staying on task. Congrats, Kieran!!
    Mrs. Finn
    • Violet J. - Violet has earned the award this month for being FOCUSED. Violet demonstrates responsibility and focus on a daily basis! She is always on task, always cooperating with her classmates, and always making her teacher smile. I am thrilled to have Violet in my class for a second year. Congratulations Violet!
    Ms. Richard
    • Carson M. - Carson is receiving the FOCUSED award this week! Carson has done a great job at being focused in 2nd grade. He has excellent listening skills, knows how to block out distractions, stay on task, and complete his work on time. Way to go Carson!!


    Mr. Denney
    • Shawky Z. - Shawky has been working so hard on staying focused in class. He has done such an amazing job this week. He is focused and participating in class every day! Awesome work buddy.
    Ms. Harless
    • Sierra B. - Sierra has been incredibly focused these first few weeks of school. She is constantly on task and trying her best, especially in math. Keep up the great work, Sierra!
    Mrs. Jackson
    • Jackson R. - Thank you Jackson, for being our "Focused" student! Jackson is a wonderful model for our class. Jackson is consistently on task. I can always count on Jackson to complete his work in a timely manner. Keep up the great work Jackson! 
    Mrs. Schmidt
    • Alona C. - Room 25 is recognizing Kaylee for being FOCUSED! Alona is always listening and participating in class. She does her best on classwork and is willing to help a friend. Nice work, Alona!
    Mrs. Williams
    • Naomi L. - Room 26 would like to recognize Naomi for being super FOCUSED! Naomi is always prepared for learning, she is always helping her classmates, she has a positive attitude toward learning, and she is always offering to help in the classroom. Naomi is an excellent example of being FOCUSED! Way to go, Naomi! We are so proud of you!


    Mrs. Andrada
    • Ayden G. & Carmella C. Ayden is doing a great job being focused in all aspects of his day at school. He always has the materials he needs and completes his work on time.  Carmella is extremely focused in our classroom. She is organized and works with a lot of focus to complete her work well and on time. 
    Mrs. Bews
    • Neal S. - Neal is always the first one with his materials out and he is sitting quietly ready for instructions. Once his task is assigned he goes straight to work! He is always focused on doing the right thing! The class looks to him as an example of what everyone else should be doing! I am so proud of Neal! Keep up the good work bud!
    Mrs. Cianci
    • Viraj D. - This week in room 22 we are honoring Viraj D. for being our FOCUSED student of the week. Viraj is a student who focuses in class consistently. He is a great role model to others and exemplar student. Way to to Viraj keep up the good work!
    Ms. Pulis
    • Isabelle P. - Isabelle is a very FOCUSED 4th grader! She does her best every day! She works hard, completes all of her assignments, and participates in our lessons. Isabelle is also a great friend! She is helpful, kind, and understanding. Isabelle is FOCUSED in everything she does!!


    Mrs. Adams
    • Chris M. -  Cris is always focused! He is on task, on topic, trying out new ideas, and helping others.
    Mrs. Bews
    • Harsimar S. - Harsimar is an amazing student. She is always focused and does her best. When she needs help she isn't afraid to ask questions and get clarification. That is what makes an AWESOME, focused student! Way to go Harsimar!!!
    Mrs. Grilione
    • Zachary B. - Zachary is consistently fully focused on teacher instruction and class work. He completes all assignments with his best effort and takes care of first things first.
    Mrs. Morgan
    • Adrienne C. - Adrienne is an amazing example of what it looks like to be a focused student. She is diligent about getting her assignments done with quality, and doesn't let other things distract her from accomplishing her tasks. She is very helpful and kind to her peers as well. Way to go Adrienne! Keep up your hard work and focused attitude.
    School SING will return this coming week on Thursday - where we will acknowledge more amazing FORCE students for being FOCUSED at school - Check back here next Friday for a list of students and picture! 

    This school year, we are re-focusing our PBIS (Positive Behavior Expectations and Supports) structure to be more simplified for our students.  We are going to continue with our character themes of F.O.R.C.E. - Focused, Organized, Respectful, Compassionate, Encouraging, and put more emphasis on good character traits and habits.  

    On the behavior side, to simplify the "behavior" expectations, we have chosen 
    Be Safe - Be Responsible - Be Respectful  
    These are very simple for our students to understand, and are easy to reinforce and celebrate when students follow expectations and make good choices!  These 3 main behavior expectations, will also carry over to Chilton Middle School, as they use the same 3.

    When students do make good choices and follow behavior expectations, and show great character qualities of the F.O.R.C.E., they will be acknowledged at different times of the year, in different ways, from awards, to FORCE Tickets, to prizes - we want to acknowledge our FORCE students for showing up every day and being a true "FORCE" in our school!

    If your child comes home with a FORCE ticket stub - they made a really good choice at school and should be encouraged to continue their positive choices and behaviors in the future!

     Our REMIND account is back online this year and we are excited to have another outlet to communicate with our families!  Last year we were unable to use it because of district guidelines, but now they have been approved for district and school use again!  

    The app is downloadable on ios and android and is basically a way to receive text message reminders from the school on upcoming events, with no privacy concerns or personal phone numbers shared.

    If you are already signed up from before, you will start getting text reminders soon - and you can always opt out as well.

    If you are new to Fiddyment, or new to Remind and you would like to receive school reminders via text, here is how to do it:

    If you are you looking for some amazing enrichment opportunities for your child, we have some awesome after school programs starting up in September at Fiddyment!  There is a wide range of selection, from Art, Science, Engineering, Coding, and Spanish.


    Thank you for reading our blog and supporting Fiddyment Farm Elementary School!
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