Friday, January 10, 2020

News From the FORCE - 1/10/2020

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Message From Our FORCE Staff
January 10, 2020

Happy Friday FORCE Families!

We hope that you had a wonderful first full week of 2020!  It was phenomenal to have our students return with smiles and laughter as they got to see friends they missed and teachers they love! 

We are excited for great things coming up -  our Project Lead the Way engineering/science program will be getting started for our 3-5th graders this month, our school musical, "Frozen" is off and running with practices, our students are really getting to the heart of their yearly curriculum in each subject, and although we are already planning for next year's staffing and programs, our focus is on finishing this school year strong, so our intermediate students are ready for testing in May, and all of our students are successfully ready to advance to the next grade.  

Our hope with this blog is to try to keep it updated weekly so that you can be informed of upcoming events, news, happenings, and important information regarding Fiddyment Farm Elementary and the great experiences your child will be having here at our school this year. 

We love feedback from parents on suggestions on how to keep our school amazing!  Have any concerns or any new ideas? - Please share them with us and answer our short survey!

As always, we want to thank our community of parents and guardians for supporting Fiddyment Farm School, our students, and our staff!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ryan Poulsen - Principal
Fiddyment Farm Staff

    Our school mission is to maximize learning for each member of our FORCE!

    We are the F.O.R.C.E.

    F - Focused  O - Organized  R - Respectful  C - Compassionate  E - Encouraging

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    January 13 - 17
    Monday - January 13 
    - Happy Birthday Mrs. Ely!
    Monday - January 13 - School Site Council Meeting
    Tuesday - January 14 - After School Enrichment - "Early Engineers"
    Wednesday- January 15  - After School Enrichment - "Spanish"
    Thursday- January 16 - 1st Grade Field Trip - Rollerking
    Thursday- January 16 - Afternoon Fire Drill
    Friday - January 17   - Kinder Field Trip - Roseville Theater
    Friday - January 17   -After School Enrichment - "Spanish"
    Friday - January 17   -After School Enrichment - "Honeycode"

    January 20 - 24
    Monday - January 20 NO SCHOOL - MLK Observance Day
    Tuesday - January 21 - Vision Screening - Kinder, 2nd, 5th Grades
    Tuesday - January 21 - After School Enrichment - "Early Engineers"
    Wednesday- January 22  - After School Enrichment - "Spanish"
    Friday - January 24 - School SING!
    Friday - January 24   -After School Enrichment - "Spanish"
    Friday - January 24   -After School Enrichment - "Honeycode"
    Friday - January 24   - Comfort Food Cook Off!

    REMINDER - Starting mid/late January, Fiddyment Farm Elementary, along with ALL other RCSD school sites, will be implementing new visitor check in procedures, using the online Raptor® Visitor Management Program - this program will screen and track everyone coming into the school and keep unwanted entrants out. The Raptor® Visitor Management school security system screens for sex offenders, alerts staff of custody violations, and provides districtwide reporting for all visitors.

    How will this affect you as a school visitor?

    You will be required to provide a valid California ID (Drivers License) to be scanned and cleared by the online program.  

    A visitor badge with your info and picture will be printed and will need to be worn at all times while you are on campus.

    This will be standard procedure for all visitors coming onto campus beyond the school office, including Category I and II volunteers.

    We ask that you PLEASE be Patient with us as we work through the nuances and kinks of this new system, as it will take a few moments longer to check in visitors than it has in the past, especially as a the office staff acclimates to new procedures - THANK YOU!

    Want more info about Raptor?  
    Click the link below!

    It's that time of year again for our "Gift of Reading" Fundraiser, coming up in February!  By donating funds for a book in your child's name, you will help our library continue to grow, and enrich the learning and fun for our students!

    Check out the flyer below for more information!  We truly appreciate all of your support!

    Flyers with forms to fill out are being sent home soon!

    Check out the finalized 2020/2021 RCSD School Calendar for next school year!

    If you didn't already know, the Roseville City School District Foundation, helps raise money to continue music education throughout RCSD!  One of their favorite fundraisers is returning - The Comfort Food Cook-off!  

    Check out the flyer below for more info 

    BUY TICKETS for the Cook-Off - LINK BELOW

    We would love to see you attend this amazing event to support the foundation and Fiddyment Farm Students - and of course if you attend, please stop by the Fiddyment FORCE table to eat and vote for our tasty appetizer!!!

    Parent Teacher Club (PTC)
    We truly value the partnership between the school and our families, and no one fosters that better than our Fiddyment Farm Parent Teacher Club!  The parents/guardians that help volunteer with school events and activities are very special and very much appreciated!

    Check out the PTC Newsletter with some info on upcoming events and information to start off the year!

    We would LOVE your help!  If you are interested in volunteering here at Fiddyment Farm, please click on the link to our district website - Volunteer Policy Page.  There  you will find information about the policy, the difference between Category I and Category II Volunteer, and all the needed paperwork in PDF form to get started! - Thank you for your time!

    Each Friday is spirit day - students and staff are encouraged to wear their school spirit shirts, or sport the school colors - black and gold!  The class with the most students to sport their spirit for the day, wins the coveted "Spirit Stick" as a reward, to keep in their classroom for a week!  This week it was awesome Mrs. Dyas' kindergarten class with 100% of her students sporting school spirit wear or school colors - Way to go! - The spirit stick is yours for the week!
    Every School SING, we acknowledge some amazing FORCE students here at Fiddyment who consistently demonstrate our character traits, of being FOCUSED, ORGANIZED, RESPECTFUL, COMPASSIONATE, AND ENCOURAGING!

    Yesterday at School SING we acknowledged some amazing students for showing that they can stay RESPECTFUL towards their peers and school staff!

    Check them out below!!


    Mrs. Bogert/Evans
    • Itay B. & Brielle M.Itay shows respect for his friends and teachers. With his kind ways he is a wonderful friend to all. Keep up the great work Itay!  Brielle can always help to solve problems in a respectful way. She is a respectful leader! Keep up the amazing work Brielle!
    Mrs. Dyas
    • Claire J. and Ronan P.  - In room 4, Claire is always respectful by listening to others and using a kind voice. Ronan is respectful to all of his classmates inside and outside of the classroom. We appreciate their kindness.
    Mrs. Manley
    • Chase A. & Marco D. - In Room #11 our RESPECTFUL leaders are Chase and Marco...thank you for always being respectful to everyone!!
    Mrs. Moore
    • Caroline L. & Karlee M. Caroline always shows respect towards her classmates and teacher. She remembers to raise a quiet hand and always participates in the learning that happens in class. I'm lucky to be Caroline's teacher. Karlee shows respect to her classmates and teacher. She always remembers the classroom and playground rules. I am lucky to be Karlee's teacher! 
    Mrs. Van Voltinburg
      Isaiah W & Landon Y. - In room 10 we are honoring Isaiah and Landon for being respectful members of the FORCE! Way to go Isaiah and Landon!


    Mrs. Ely
    • Cooper G. - Cooper is so respectful and kind. He listens to his friends and teacher and he always follows school rules. We are so lucky to have him in our class! Way to go Cooper, we're proud of you! 
    Ms. Johnson
    • Zachary M. - Room 8 would like to congratulate Zachary for being respectful to everyone. He always sets a wonderful example to others by using excellent manners and being very polite and kind! Way to go, Zachary!
    Mrs. Julian/Schacht
    • Prabhnoor H. - Prabhnoor is being recognized for being respectful in Room 9! He is always kind and helpful to both his classmates and teachers. he is respectful of his classroom and school. We appreciate you, Prabhnoor! 
    Mrs. Marcoux
    • Johnny A. - Johnny A. is respectful in Room 5. He always treats his classmates and his teacher with kindness. He is follows school rules and is willing to help anyone. Great job Johnny!
    Ms. Purcell
    • Jace S. - Ms. Purcell's 1st grade is recognizing Jace Santos for being respectful. Jace has great manners and remembers to follow the rules. Congratulations Jace!


    Mrs. Benato
    • Athena G. - Athena is receiving this award for being RESPECTFUL. Athena is always polite and friendly to her classmates and respectful to teachers. Athena consistently follows the rules and expectations of Fiddyment Farm. Thank you Athena for being so respectful.
    Mrs. Cutter
    • Bryson G. - Bryson is being recognized as a RESPECTFUL student in Room 14 because he consistently follows school rules. He is a great example to others. Way to go, Bryson!
    Mrs. Finn
    • Adrian H.  - Adrian is receiving the award for being RESPECTFUL, but I am also giving him this award for being responsible. Adrian has truly put forth his best effort these past few months. He is respectful to peers and to all adults. He is taking pride in his work and trying his best. Congratulations Adrian!
    Ms. Richard
    • Harsh S. - Harsh is being recognized for being a respectful student in 2nd grade. Harsh is consistently using polite words, speaking kindly to others, and following directions the first time. Way to go Harsh! 


    Mr. Denney
    • Aryan L. -Aryan is a great student and all around great person. He is very respectful to everyone he knows. He is such a wonderful person to have in class!
    Ms. Harless
    • Maya I. - Maya is a very respectful student who follows the rules and is always very polite. She is an excellent example of being respectful. Great job Maya!
    Mrs. Jackson
    • Mason R. Room 20 would let to give a huge shout out to Mason for being a very "Respectful" student and friend. Mason is always listening when others are talking and never is rude or disruptive. I can always count on Mason to do the right thing and be an example to others. I'm so proud of you, Mason! Keep up the amazing job!
    Mrs. Schmidt
    • Brecken E. - Brecken is RESPECTFUL in Room 25! He is always paying attention in class and participating in lessons. He is respectful whenever he talks with teachers or students. Way to go, Brecken!
    Mrs. Williams
    • Liam C. -Room 26 would like to recognize Liam C. for being super RESPECTFUL! Liam is always considerate of others, he is always helping others, and he is extremely polite in all situations. We are so proud of you, Liam! Keep up the great work!


    Mrs. Andrada
    • Naomi L. & Sophia I. -  Naomi is extremely respectful to her classmates, her teacher, and herself. It has been a joy to have Naomi in class this year.  Sofia is always very respectful. She cares about her classmates and teacher and it shows with the manners that she uses on a daily basis.  
    Mrs. Bews
    • Ivan J. - Ivan is a responsible student because he always listens and follows directions the first time. He constantly does the right thing and is an all around great student! Way to go Ivan!!!
    Mrs. Cianci
    • Mishti S. -Respectful- This week in room 22 we are honoring Mishti S. for being our "Respectful" student of the week. Mishti is a student who is always respectful both inside and outside the classroom. We know we can always count on her to be a wonderful role model too. Keep up the great work!
    Ms. Pulis
    • Aaden M. -Aaden is a very respectful person both inside & outside of our classroom. He listens attentively, helps others, waits his turn, & is always very polite. He encourages others to be respectful too. Aaden is a very RESPECTFUL 4th grader!


    Mrs. Adams
    • Cassie S. - She never interrupts or gets in trouble. She is also a good listener!
    Mrs. Bews
    • Dominic D. - Dominic is a wonderful student who is always respectful. He is a positive classroom leader and always does the right thing! I am so grateful for an amazing student like Dominic!
    Mrs. Grilione
    • Shree S. - Shree is consistently respectful to peers and adults
    Mrs. Morgan
    • Calie M. - Calie is a wonderful role model for what it looks like to be respectful. She is always patient and she listens carefully. Both in the classroom and on the playground, she treats others with kindness. I can always count on her to be doing the right thing, even if we have a guest teacher in the classroom. Thank you, Calie, for being so amazingly awesome and respectful. You ROCK!
    School SING will return Thursday, January 9th- where we will acknowledge more amazing FORCE students for being RESPECTFUL at school - Check back here next Friday for a list of students and picture! 

    As we begin the second half of the school year, we want to make sure to remind our students and families of our PBIS (Positive Behavior Expectations and Supports) structure to increase positive student behavior.  We are going to continue with our character themes of F.O.R.C.E. - Focused, Organized, Respectful, Compassionate, Encouraging, and put more emphasis on good character traits and habits.  

    On the behavior side, to simplify the "behavior" expectations, we have chosen 
    Be Safe - Be Responsible - Be Respectful  
    These are very simple for our students to understand, and are easy to reinforce and celebrate when students follow expectations and make good choices!  These 3 main behavior expectations, will also carry over to Chilton Middle School, as they use the same 3.

    When students do make good choices and follow behavior expectations, and show great character qualities of the F.O.R.C.E., they will be acknowledged at different times of the year, in different ways, from awards, to FORCE Tickets, to prizes - we want to acknowledge our FORCE students for showing up every day and being a true "FORCE" in our school!

    If your child comes home with a FORCE ticket stub - they made a really good choice at school and should be encouraged to continue their positive choices and behaviors in the future!
    If you are you looking for some amazing enrichment opportunities for your child, we have some awesome after school programs starting up in September at Fiddyment!  There is a wide range of selection, from Art, Science, Engineering, Coding, and Spanish.


    BUY TICKETS for the Cook-Off - LINK BELOW

    Thank you for reading our blog and supporting Fiddyment Farm Elementary School!
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